Teeth Whitening Kit
Teeth Whitening Kit
Teeth Whitening Kit
Teeth Whitening Kit

Teeth Whitening Kit

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Your Confidence Booster

The deluxe led teeth whitening kit delivers the best of in-office dentist teeth whitening without the high cost or discomfort. The system uses a hands-free LED whitening device combined with our dental-grade teeth whitening gel to wipe away stains caused by coffee, wine, soda, smoking and more. Reverse years of stains, look younger and feel happier with your brightest smile yet.

Lightspeed Whitening Technology

At the core of the teeth whitening kit is the LED light device that accelerates whitening results like never before. The LED light uses cool whitening technology to activate the molecules in the whitening gel during each treatment to deliver whiter teeth faster

  • ● Speeds up whitening results 3 times faster
  • ● Cool LED whitening technology with 5 built in bulbs
  • ● Built in 10 minute timer to keep tracking of whitening
  • ● Connects to mouth tray for hands-free whitening
  • Professional Teeth Whitening Gel

    Our powerful carbamide peroxide teeth whitening gel is equivalent to dentist dispensed whitening gels in terms of ingredient quality and efficacy. The gel uses a careful balance of peroxide and remineralizing ingredients to whiten the surface of the teeth without the harmful side effects or pain.


    Comfort Fit Tray

    The comfort fit tray attaches to the LED light device and is inserted into the mouth to hold the teeth whitening gel during whitening. The tray is made of soft silicone and fits any mouth with no molding required.

  • ● One piece design that whitens top and bottom of teeth
  • ● Fits LED light device for hands-free whitening
  • ● Made of high grade BPA free silicone